Jemma completed a Bachelor of Arts in Jewellery & Silversmithing. She honed her craft whilst completing internships with renowned jewellers Shaun Leane and Imogen Belfield. Upon graduating in 2018, she launched JWL Moments (Jewel Moments) in 2020.

Jemma's creations come from an intuitive point of individual spirituality. An avid observer, particularly the way we create our own world, Jemma puts her curiosity for ideas beyond the physical realm, into designing and making. 

In 2022, and to continue the growth of JWL, Jemma partnered with Daisy. Their joint passion for creativity make it a partnership that results in their own recognisable aura of mysticism. 


 J E M M A

Through my art I encourage people to fall madly in love with themselves, and to connect deeply to their bodies, their souls, and their inherent wisdom.

What drives me is the desire for us to live as the fullest expression of ourselves, to break free from our conditioning, and explore every facet of our souls on this human journey.

The desire to keep exploring, learning from Mother Nature's sacred medicines, immersing myself in ceremony, breath work, yoga and meditation. Experiencing and increasing my awareness.

My art is an expression and extension of my soul. My playfulness to create comes from my curiosity for life. My visions and perceptions evolve through each experience I have.

Art is a gift to myself and to others, to enlighten, inspire and to call in a state of contemplation so that we can all experience and embody who we truly are.

My art flows with the divine, allowing me to create beyond ego, beyond trends or influences and to awaken the infinite within ourselves.

D A I S Y 

Having graduated from Arts University Bournemouth, I very quickly ventured into the world of marketing for jewellery-based businesses. Fascinated by using customer feedback from my marketing efforts, I then delved into the jewellery design team, bridging the gap between designers and clients' dreams to create the perfect piece. 

I’ve always been intrigued by jewellery, particularly the elements that lead to a piece being worn everyday and becoming a family heirloom. To me, there’s nothing more beautiful than a unique piece with a story to tell. 

I’ve been passionate about fashion since I was a little girl and the way we use it to express our personalities outwardly, so to be able to partner with Jemma in creating jewellery that allows people to truly express themselves feels like a dream come true.

Sending love

 Jemma & Daisy