We view sustainability as a journey, which means that we’ll never stop developing our approach. From working on offsetting our carbon footprint to donating to charities, we want to welcome you into the process. These beliefs are integral and carried through our work, creating authentic designs with care, craft and purpose. At the end of the day, we’re all in this together and if our jewellery can somehow be linked to positive change, then we know we’re doing our best to create future heirlooms for now and generations to come.
We’ve always considered how we can make the most responsible product from the design stage to creation. This means that Jemma makes all the masters by hand in her workshop. These are then cast in recycled 22k Yellow Gold Plated Brass and recycled 925 Sterling Silver, using a local casting company.

We only produce the quantity of jewellery that is required therefore eliminating the dependence on mass-produced, cheaply-made jewellery. We create timeless pieces to last a lifetime.

The packaging we use is made from 100% recycled materials. The box can be recycled however we advise you check with your local recycling centre as to whether the insert can be recycled. 
Tracking and compensating our carbon footprint is the most important step we can make towards respecting the health of our planet. We are proud to offset our carbon emissions each month, via ECOLOGI.

Our contributions can be found HERE

Taking a circular approach to what we make means seriously considering the entire lifecycle of a piece of jewellery. 
We take responsibility for our jewellery even after it has been sold, and we are committed to educating our community and ourselves on circularity as a vital future concept for life on a changing planet.
"Earth’s resources will not last forever. We have a deep appreciation for this since we’re lucky enough to handle precious natural materials every day.​"